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1. Images, photos, cliparts, shapes, clips used for the design of HELLO are licensed by

(a) license for the icons and photos, obtained by VNEDUDEV (Dinh Lu Giang, 2014 - Receipt # 9804030 for B2, C1 and Dinh Lu Giang, 2015 - Receipt #9825950 for A2, B1 textbooks)

(b) license for HELLO homepage sliding pictures, obtained by VNEDUDEV (Dinh Lu Giang, 2014). Transaction ID: ...5417

(c) license for HELLO virtual tour clip, obtained by VNEDUDEV (Dinh Lu Giang, 2014)

2. Copyright license for Moodle LMS: GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE Version 3, 29 June 2007. Click here to read.

3. Texts, adapted sources for reading texts and recordings

The completed list of royalty free materials used for compiling textbook contents on HELLO can be found in the References page.

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